Privacy Policy


  • Introduction

    This Personal Information Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as “Privacy Policy”), issued by MARVY GROUP Joint Stock Company, tax code: 0316333703 , address: 89/9 Nguyen Thuong Hien, Ward 5, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (hereinafter referred to as “MARVY GROUP”) is applicable to any organization or individual that accesses, registers or uses MARVY GROUP’s products, services, websites.

    We at MARVY GROUP JSC (here after referred to our company) have always strived to protect the personal information of our customers. With the increase of collecting personal information from customers over the Internet through user registration, prize programs, user surveys, etc., properly managing and protecting our customers' personal information has become even more important in recent years.

    Our company has established a "Privacy Policy" as presented below, and we pledge to manage Website of our product,, platform for creating AR / Game to support Marketing campaigns, for our customers to be safe and enjoyable by diligently pursuing the prevention of unauthorized use, disclosure, modification, etc. of the personal information provided by our customers.

  • Definition of Personal Information

    Personal Information refers to any information that is provided to our company that may be used to identify an individual such as a first and last name, a telephone number or an email address or any information that uniquely identifies the individual.

  • Collection of Personal Information

    When MARVY GROUP JSC collects personal information over the Internet, we do so under the basic rule that such information is voluntarily provided (registration). We will collect personal information only to the extent that is necessary to accomplish the purpose for which we are collecting the information, which will be explicitly disclosed. If you do not wish to provide (register) the personal information we seek, you may decline to do so at your sole discretion.

  • Purpose and Limitation of Use of Personal Information

    When we ask for personal information (registration), we will disclose in advance the purpose for collecting and the method of using the information and then collect the information within the limitation that is appropriate. A general rule limits the use of personal information to the following. Also there are possibilities of other uses of personal information as a statistical data in forms in which the data can not be personally distinguished.

    • To provide the merchandise or service that you desire.
    • To improve our service to you.
    • To provide information about new merchandise or service to you.
  • Rule on Nondisclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

    Our company will not disclose any personal information provided (registered) to us to third parties, except in the following cases:

    • You have consented to disclose your personal information to a third party.
    • Your personal information must be disclosed to our affiliate, subsidiary or subcontractor with whom we have a confidentiality agreement in order to accomplish the purpose for which the personal information was collected, as we have revealed earlier. (Example: Instructing a shipping service provider to ship your prize.)
    • Your personal information has been processed into statistical data that will not disclose your identity.
    • Law requires disclosure.
  • Reference, Correction or Deletion of Personal Information

    When you wish to refer to the personal information in our possession or to correct or delete such information, contact us through the inquiry channel through our company's prescribed procedures. After verification of the identity of the person making the request, we will disclose to you or correct/delete the information within a reasonable period of time.

  • Customer Assistance Center

    If you wish to check your personal information, please contact the department that responded to your inquiry, or the contact details given to you by our company when you provided your personal information.

    If you do not know who to contact, or if you wish to make an inquiry about personal information that you provided on our website, please use the inquiry form.

  • Handling of Personal Information

    When you make an inquiry, ask for catalogs, or when we solicit participants etc., you are requested to enter your personal information on our website. We endeavor to protect personal information by implementing appropriate security control measures based on this Privacy Policy.

    In cases other than those mentioned above, you may visit our website without the need to disclose personal information.

  • Use of Web Beacons

    Web beacons are embedded in some pages of our website to check how many times specific pages have been accessed. The statistical data obtained using web beacons is used to improve our website etc. Advertisements etc. for websites operated by our partner companies may be displayed based on your browsing history on our website etc.

  • Use of Access Log

    When you use our website, the access log including your IP address is recorded. This information is used to monitor access to our website, and is not used to identify users, except for pages that require user authentication.

  • Other Understandings

    Our company strives to protect your personal information, but we cannot guarantee the security of the information when it is being transmitted to us. Each customer must assume the responsibility for secure data transmission. We urge you to take due precautions regarding data security while connected to the Internet. This "Privacy Policy" may be changed by our company at any time. In this case it will have effect when posted on our company Website.

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