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We have 2 types of products:

Facebook AR Filter
Mini Game
check-icon 1 on 1 Customer Support

We support you all the way from A to Z, including:

  • - Idea cosultant: We help you find template ideas that match your requirements
  • - Design check-up: We check if your designs meet Facebook's policies. If they don't, we have you informed so you can have revisions.
  • - Techincal advise: We provide answers to every technical question you may have
  • - Execution and deploy: We assist you to development and launch the project
check-icon We help deploying all products
We also help you launch the product once we've finished developing
check-icon Access to 1000+ product templates
You can get access to +1000 pre-made templates packed with cool features and work with every brand.
check-icon Ideas consultant
So many templates that you don't know where to start? We'll help you find the template that works for your campaign
check-icon Sucess products deploy guarantee
Filter deployment is sometimes rejected by Facebook by various reasons. In case that happens, we will help you revise the designs to figure out possible causes and resolve them
check-icon Custom your own design

You can replace the template's default designs with your own designs following these steps:

  • - Download the asset PSD file on Octokit
  • - Replace the existing designs with your own designs, following the exact guidelines and using the exact file names
  • - Upload your design files on Octokit again and just wait for the magic to happen


Get 1 product / year
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  • flag VND

Freely choose any product types

  • img Facebook AR Filter
  • img Mini Game


Get 3 products / year
  • flagUSD
  • flagVND
Save USD $1,200

Freely choose any product types

  • img Facebook AR Filter
  • img Mini Game


Get products / year

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Buy more, save more

Freely choose any product types

  • img Facebook AR Filter
  • img Mini Game

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Notes :

  • Any unused campaigns after package’s valid duration will not be refunded or converted to any means
  • A valid campaign is the one submited through Octokit’s template system, any extra requirements will be treated as extra scopes in an apendix
  • Campaign’s waranty is valid throughout the duration of the package
  • Any materials that clients supply to Octokit must meet standard requirements
  • Any rejected campaigns are not refundable, clients need to resolve the problems to continue
  • In case clients want to cancel a submited campaign, contact sale team for further assistant


I would like to request an addtional feature that is not included in the template.

- Additional features will be charged by hourly rate card: $40/ hour/ feature.

How many times can I send feedback?

- Due to the short execution time, please kindly wrap up your feedback in one round and send it the same day of the first draft.

Can I upload 3D assets?

- 3D assets are not supported at the moment. But we’re still expanding Octokit’s features and won’t be keeping you waiting for long.

I would like to have the designs done by the Octokit team.

- You can purchase the additional design package - Octocare with the price of $300 for each campaign so we can design the 2D assets for the campaign.
- If you choose Octocare for 3 campaigns in a combo kit, the total price will be 900$ (3*300$).

Are there any regulations regarding the designs I need to submit?

- Yes, besides standards of quality, please make sure your designs follow the standards of community as well to avoid having your filter rejected by Facebook.

I would like to adjust the payment terms.

- We understand that your company might have different payment terms, however ours are fixed for every partner.