Gamified Marketing Solution
Make games with no code!
No-code Game Creator for everyone
Create End-to-end Gamification Products in
one tool
Step 1:
Choose gameplay and re-design
No-code Game Creator
  • 500+ pre-made game templates
  • 1000+ assets for game designing
Step 2:
Deploy & Operation with Auto CMS
One System For Many Marketing Purposes
Launch on
In app
Website Banner Ads
Zalo Apps
Instant Game
For events
  • Online marketing events
  • Offline celebrations, events, meetups
For online marketing
  • Spreading e-voucher by game
  • Generate leads
  • Host online competitions
  • Boost sale using rewards opportunities
  • Branding activities
For personal use
  • Gift for love ones
  • Internal cheer ups
  • For hobbyist
  • For game designer
  • For education
No need for Game Agency anymore
Understand your customer with smart analysis system
  • Collecting data during your campaign
  • Keep track of your campaign performance
  • Analyze your customer activities
  • Integrate with your CRM system
Trusted by

Mr. Tran Long Giang

Deputy Head of Digital Department
at Shinhan Finance

Through the projects I have experienced and coordinated with Octokit, I feel satisfied with how fast, convenient and simple the working process has been. By offering various templates of AR filter, Minigame, Octokit makes it easy to deploy for events of the month as an activity to create interactions for customers on social media channels or at brand events.
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Female CEO paves the way in AR/VR
by Vietnam Investment Review